Video production for non-profits

I'm Tom Greenwood. I specialise in video production for non-profits*
in Sydney, around Australia and across the Asia-Pacific.

corporate foundations
educational institutions
government agencies 
research bodies

Non-profits use my work to advocate, educate, market and fund-raise. 

I see my role as capturing the human side of my clients and,
more importantly, the human impact of their work.

Why choose Greenwood Media’s 
video production for non-profits?

I pride myself on:

  • offering the whole package for clients

  • planning and preparing

  • making subjects feel at ease

  • seamlessly switching between video and stills, if required

  • working fast but not hurrying

  • creating positive, emotive videos that tell human stories. 

Tom Greenwood has produced four videos, plus numerous photos, of our research projects in Papua New Guinea and the Torres Strait. With his journalistic experience and natural sensitivity he managed to translate comparatively dry scientific studies into engaging general-interest stories.

When filming with us he was patient and respectful, and accommodated endless complications with time, location and travel. People naturally responded to him, in spite of the potential for our filming and interviews to become intrusive. The results were innovative and impressive, and ground-breaking for CSIRO.

Dr James Butler
Adaptive Social and Economic Systems Program

Case studies

My approach


When it comes to video production for non-profits, some clients have a crystal clear vision of what they require. Others know they need content but are less sure about the specifics. I help clients work out how to achieve the best end product, for the most reasonable investment.


I help work through questions such as:

How much time is required to shoot the required footage?

What would be the best days/times to shoot?

Which locations might work best?

How many subjects are required? What age, gender, occupation etc?

How best to handle consent? Is verbal consent sufficient or is written consent necessary?


My experience as a writer of feature stories for newspapers and magazine was excellent training in shaping a narrative. I pride myself upon communicating complex issues and ideas in an easy-to-digest manner.


My work tends to be all about people and their issues. What they have to say is therefore front and centre in any video. Interviews are central therefore and I’m a stickler for detail when it comes to lighting, background, sound quality (including avoiding extraneous noise) and making the subject feel comfortable and happy.


B-roll illustrates the narrative and give a sense of place and colour. When it comes to the edit, you can never have enough, so during the shoot I take every opportunity to grab what I can.


Some ideas and processes can be best represented in graphic or animation form.  I employ my graphics/animation skills – or invite specialist graphic designer or animator colleagues on board - to bring the vision come to life.


Timelapse is a dynamic tool, that helps give a ‘big picture’ feel to a clip and give a visual sense of the passing of time. 


I’m often asked how long a video should be. The correct answer is not a second longer or shorter than it takes to tell the story. This requires crisp editing. A strong rhythm (here music is key) helps propels the narrative and draw the viewer through the story.


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