McGrath Foundation

Video + photos

The McGrath Foundation supports individuals and families experiencing breast cancer with dedicated breast cancer nurses. It sought a series of social media videos with co-founder and cricketing great Glenn McGrath to rally supporters, plus videos and still images of breast care nurses explaining the incredible roles they play.

Working with Glenn - a bit of a hero of mine - was fantastic. He’s a busy man with no shortage of media experience so, for my part, careful preparation and quick execution was essential. 

Filming and photographing the breast care nurses was a lot of fun. Since many of them had not spoken in front of a camera before, it was important to nurture an environment in which they could relax and speak naturally.

Video for social media must cut to the chase - each clip was to be 20 - 30 seconds. That meant plenty of editing work shaping a sizeable amount of footage into direct and powerful messages.

“He’s a pleasure to work with and his work is fab.” 

Melissa Millard
Media & Communications Director
McGrath Foundation