WWF - 'Water Stories' exhibition

Photos + video + timelapse

‘Water Stories’ is a wonderful exhibition by photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz revealing how the global water crisis is playing out in different countries around the world. 

When it came to the Botanical Gardens in Sydney, the World Wildlife Fund wanted photos, a 360 panorama image for Facebook, a sunset timelapse and a walk-through video to promote the show.

This was something of a challenge. Shooting four different kinds of media - one of which, the 360 panorama, was new to me - is tricky. Add to that the fading light of sunset and it becomes a logistical conundrum.

But supporting such beautiful work and operating in such an iconic spot made it a challenge worth embracing.

I shot on two consecutive nights with multiple cameras, running between them adjusting the exposures on each as the light dropped. Once the crowds thinned out I was able to haul in my family for a closing shot on the walk-through video. Then there was plenty of stitching, smoothing and weaving in post-production. An exhausting, but thoroughly  worthwhile project.

"WWF was really blown away with how fantastic the images and videos were (as were we of course) - they were seriously great.

Thank you for… really going above and beyond."

Claire Maloney
Director, The Bravery