Marie Stopes - Schoolies guide


Schoolies week is a huge rite of passage for thousands of young Australians. Marie Stopes enlisted the support of Marc Fennell and Jan Fran from SBS's The Feed to deliver a 'responsibly fun' message warning of the potential pitfalls. The three Cs: consent, contraception and caution, were the big take-aways.

I’ve shot hundreds of video interviews and plenty of pieces to camera, but this was a little different - two presenters and no B-roll to cover the cracks in the edit.

I decided to stick with the dynamic, jumpy style of The Feed’s piece-to-camera segments. This required wide shots and close-ups of both Marc and Jan to weave together in post-production.

By my standards, this meant a sizeable shoot: an assistant, three cameras on tripods, two lapel mics and my trustee LED lights. But plenty of gear, careful planning and a punchy script (not my work) paid off. Marc and Jan were fantastic, riffing nicely off each other, and delivering a message that hopefully avoided some face-palming on the Gold Coast.

"I love it, it’s perfect! You did a stellar job and we got lots of engagement across a variety of channels. You made it look so easy!"

Eleonore Bridier
Head of Brand & Digital, Marie Stopes Australia